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Investing is more flexible than you think

New to Investing?

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Big plans need big action
Whether your goal is a nest egg or an education fund, investing is a great way to chase it down. 

It's easy to start
You don’t need a lump sum or even a history of saving to start investing. Once you have the ability to save, you have the ability to invest. You can track, buy and sell, all from your App!

Get to your goals faster
Deposit rates are low right now, so it’s hard to grow your money just by saving it. Investing gives you much more opportunity. You can even mix and match between saving and investing if you like.

Time pays off
In an ideal world, you’d invest for 5 plus years to get the most from your money. 

As with everything there are risks
The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

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Irish Funds Highlight

Get ready for a new way of investing!

New KBC Investment Funds
Introducing our new KBC Investment Funds (ExpertEase/Sivek Funds).

Get ready for a new way of investing!

Introducing our new KBC Investment Funds (ExpertEase/Sivek Funds).

Invest, your way

Monthly Payments
From as little as €125 per month, start and stop to suit you
Lump Sum Payments
Invest in one go from as little as €125
Mix and match
Flexibility is important so why not mix and match, monthly and/or lump sum payments 

It's really important to know what type of investor you are.

It's really important to know what type of investor you are.

Investing wisely isn’t about getting the highest return at any cost, it’s about allowing your money to work as hard as possible without causing you sleepless nights.

This is why starting with an accurate risk profile is always the most important part of investing.       

  • Very Defensive

    The main thing Very Defensive investors want to avoid uncertainty when it comes to their wealth.
    Investing may not really be their thing unless they can invest their money with little to no risk.

    Generally speaking, Very Defensive investors will first seek capital security over growing the purchasing power of their money.

    Very defensive investors should typically seek out deposit accounts as opposed to investments.

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  • Defensive

    Defensive investors are able to put aside some of their wealth for the short-medium term and can live with some degree of volatility even though they would generally want to limit this as much as possible.

    As they would still like to increase the value of their money, the greater potential offered by markets over deposit accounts is something that appeals to them.

    Defensive investors look towards less volatile investments – typically these funds will contain about 70% bonds and 30% equities favouring stability whilst still allowing some potential for growth.

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    Dynamic investors are aware that the markets can offer greater potential than savings accounts and therefore, are prepared to invest a portion of their wealth.

    Typically, dynamic investors understand that they need to take on more risk to achieve a greater return and, as a result, the value of their investments can fluctuate, nevertheless, large fluctuations are something that they prefer to avoid if possible.

    Dynamic investors look towards funds with a medium degree of volatility. Typically these funds will contain 45% bonds and 55% equities giving greater potential for growth but still offering stability in the medium to long term.

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  • Very Dynamic

    Very Dynamic investors are prepared to invest some of their wealth in a quest to seek the best returns that the markets can offer.

    The fact that the value of their investments can vary in the short – medium term is something that they are well aware of. Generally speaking, very dynamic investors are the kind of people, who see opportunities when the market drops.

    Dynamic investors consider funds with a higher level of volatility. Typically, these funds will contain 30% bonds and 70% equities clearly favouring strong growth potential but still retaining some degree of stability.

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Warning: The value of your investments may go down as well as up.
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